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“Having our home built with Hamilton Building Services was a great experience from beginning to end. Throughout the process, we had made many changes and their flexibility allowed us to end up with our dream home! Thank you for your integrity, quality workmanship, and friendship.”


-Bob Stewart, VT

“Still unpacking, but we are in the house and love it. We wanted to send a note of thanks to you and the entire Hamilton team for building our dream house. It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group of people. Everyone we interacted with during the process was professional and courteous, open to listening to our ideas and willing to share their knowledge and expertise.”


-The Iacovelli’s, NY

“My husband and I enjoyed working with everyone at Hamilton Building Services. We gave them the floor plan for the home we wanted and they made improvements that worked for us. Some of the sub-contractors they used were also great to work with. Hamilton Building made our home-building experience memorable and we are very pleased with the result. We recommend their company to anyone interested in building. If we were ever to build again we would use their services. Thank you Hamilton Building Services!”


-The Greczyn’s, NY

truss idea, and it really layover“I just want to say, I have been very impressed how well things have been detailed and the actual pieces fit. While I am not a world-class framer, I have been doing this for 30 years and have seen a few things. I really liked the fit great. The trusses overall were well built and accurate to each other when fitting side by side.  I have worked with a couple other panelized companies over the years but your quality is far superior.  Keep up the good work!”

- Alan Finney; Tallat Design, NY

Best advice I can give anyone considering building a house… Let Hamilton Building Services do it for you! Their custom design for us was flawless. They listen to your ideas and work with you to make your dream home reality. Panelized construction is amazing. The contractor had the entire 1st floor exterior and interior walls assembled in 5 hours.”

- Bret Gagnon, MA

“I just wanted to touch base with you all and say how pleased Tommy and I are with the ENTIRE project!….(We) are able to see the amazing progress each and every day! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sticking by us and making a HOME come true for Tommy and I. We tell anyone who asks about ALL the people it took to get here and how we COMPLETELY recommend you ALL! We have had NOTHING but good things to say about everyone at Hamilton along the way. You all have our recommendations a thousand times over! You have made us feel comfortable through the design process and the need to stay on budget. Feel free to put your sign at the end of our driveway!”

- A. Sarafin, MA

“We were particularly pleased with the quality of the building materials from Hamilton. Everything from the framing materials (love the 6″ walls) to the pocket door pulls (nicer than we’ve found in any big box store) was a pleasant surprise from a quality perspective.”

- The Atwell’s, NY

“Thanks for all you’ve done to help us build our Duplex in Cortland. We’ve enjoyed the entire process, beginning with our first meeting with Eric Barden and Steve Hollister. We were pleasantly surprised to learn you could work with our drawings. Once the deliveries began arriving on our site, we were impressed with the quality of the lumber. The panelized system turned out to be great for us because we did the labor ourselves. We were able to set the floor deck in one weekend, then set all of the wall panels the following weekend. The way the wall panels were placed around the floor deck maximized our efficiency. The deliveries were all on time and the drivers courteous. Overall, the process you took us through was professional, and you did everything you said you would. Steve was always available to answer our questions. We appreciate that you cared enough to visit our project, even long after the Hamilton material package was delivered. We look forward to recommending Hamilton Building Services to our family and friends. Thanks to everyone at Hamilton. We couldn’t have done it without you!”


- The Walter Family, NY

“Choosing Hamilton Building Services gave us a great satisfaction from conceptualizing our house up to its completion. The architectural design was tailored to our needs. Hamilton provided earth-friendly materials for our two-story custom home. It was amazing to see how efficient panelized construction was. Because of advanced technology that uses pre-engineered panels, it only took five hours to install the panelized walls. Additionally, Hamilton supplied the floor deck, roof trusses: siding, soffits, windows, doors, and columns. The company is also very timely in delivering the materials. There was no time lost in the construction. My husband and I were "hands-on" during the construction and we looked at the type of materials that they supplied. I would say that the materials are top quality. Customer service is excellent, too. I call or email and I get a quick response. Trust Hamilton Building Services to provide your construction needs for a custom home that is a lifetime investment. I highly recommend Hamilton to my friends and family. If I could build another home in the future, I would definitely hire Hamilton again.”


- Juliet Sasuman, PA

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