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Panelized Homes

the Wave of the Future

Panelization Process

Innovative Technology

Panelized building systems currently make up the majority of all residential and commercial construction in the US. Because walls and trusses are pre-built in a climate controlled environment with state-of-the-art equipment, you’re assured accuracy, speed, and quality materials. The Hamilton team schedules each delivery according to the needs of your job site so that your custom project is framed and weather tight in days. The panelized kit arrives in three deliveries:

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Delivery One

Panelization Process

Upon completion of your foundation, the floor deck system arrives. Within a day your local crew assembles the beams and joists, as well as the subfloor.

Hamilton Building Services

Reasons To

Build Panelized


reason to build panelized











Flexible home design allows you to customize each and every part of your home, so you get just what you are looking for.


Year-round construction gives you the ability to start construction at your convenience regardless of weather complications that may pertain to your location.


Less job site waste means less wasted funds and more funds for your dream home.


Walls & trusses are prebuilt in a climate controlled environment, so you can be sure your materials will never be warped or ruined by weather exposure.


Assured accuracy, speed, and quality materials will give you ease of mind throughout your building process.


Shorter build time will put you in your home faster and significantly cut your labor costs.


Each delivery is scheduled accordingly so that your materials arrive on site when you are ready to move to the next step.


Framed & weather tight in days because of faster construction, giving you the confidence to say your home will be warm and dry year-round.


Environmentally friendly builds mean less scrap product and less wasted lumber and other materials.


Requires less framer skill & experience as walls come packaged with labels and instructions such as "wall B2 joins wall 3B," making production move smoothly and quickly.

Building Timeline




Your relationship with Hamilton Building services doesn't stop here! Our reputation for quality craftsmanship and personal services has been cultivated for years.

Now we start bringing your dream home to life!

Begin Construction

Sign Contract

Sign the dotted line.




Pre-Construction Meeting

Once you have completed the previous steps, you will start the design process with your local dealer. Decide on color and style selections.


Finalize Loan

Close on your loan.

Meet with your local dealer to discuss material selections and pricing, plan details and conduct site walk. 

Meet Your Local

Hamilton Builder


Secure Land

When purchasing a piece of land, keep in mind that site specifications will influence your home plan selection, too.


Select A Floor Plan

Research Financing Options

Get Pre-qualified by your financial institution. 


Hamilton building Services has over 70 home plans, that can be customized to reflect your lifestyle. Brainstorm home plan ideas & search for available land.


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