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Our Process

Designing With Hamilton

Our process follows a simple timeline of events. It all starts with your interest in using Hamilton for your kitchen or bathroom design needs first, we will set up an appointment with you and our designer to discuss the budget and review selection options. The next step in the kitchen/bath design process involves in you gathering up your ideas, whether it be on Pinterest, Houzz, or magazine pictures, to find features you would like to see in your kitchen or bath. After sharing your ideas with your designer, the design work begins. You will be presented with a full-color 3D rendering of either kitchen or both and will review and edit it until you are happy with your custom design. Once we get your approval, your Hamilton Designer can help you make selections for appliances that will look best with your countertops, etc. Make sure you carefully review your design and sign off when you feel ready. Hamilton then orders the materials and schedules the delivery so the installation step can begin as quickly and efficiently as possible. After the cabinetry is installed and the remaining areas of your kitchen and bath are completed we will review for final alterations so you can enjoy your new space!

Ways To Keep

Your Budget On Track



1. Have firm goals and stick to them – It can be easy to go overboard with some of the current products on the market, but allowing you to be distracted can quickly derail your budget. Focus on your main goals and choose products that adhere to them, you can opt for a few splurges along the way.


2. Bring In Professionals – Using a professional kitchen and bath designer, and remodeler may seem expensive at first but in reality, can save you money in the long run by helping you avoid any disasters. They also can help you save money by using their expert knowledge to guide you to more affordable materials and design.


3. Keep It Simple – It may seem hard at times but try to avoid rerouting plumbing and electrical lines. Also, varied rooflines curved walls, arches, may all enhance the character, but they also up the cost.


4. Call Hamilton Building Services – Hamilton has it's own kitchen and bath designer so that you can achieve the perfect space without compromising your budget. Read what others have said about working with us here.


5. Scheduled Materials – We handle scheduling all your materials so there is never any delay in your kitchen or bath remodel. Just one less thing for you to worry about!


6. Choose Products In Stock– We get the appeal of having custom materials but that can not only be expensive but also take up a lot of time. Choosing standard and semi-custom materials help keep your budget on track without adding any extra time.


7. Look For Deals – Shop at your local home center for clearance items, and end-of-season

deals, discounts, and floor models. Always check online too for another resource of great deals!


8. Keep Changes To A Minimum – Some changes are impossible to avoid, but making changes to the building plans is a quick way to put a dent in your budget and delay your project. 


9. Make Smart Trade-Offs – If you're forced to sacrifice a cost to get back on budget go with the easier objects to change down the road. Cabinets and countertops are expensive and labor-intensive instead, sacrifice lighting or window treatments, they are an easy switch down the line for when you can afford something more pricey.


10. Help Out With The Work – If you feel comfortable or competent enough to tackle some of the work, by all means, assist! This can help cut some of the costs and allow you to better spend your money on tasks suited for professionals.

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Our Products

Designing a Kitchen With Hamilton


Hamilton Building Services is proud to offer customers a wide array of cabinetry options. Among such options is Hamilton's standard, Kemper Echo cabinetry. As a subsidiary of Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc., Kemper Echo cabinetry is precision engineered, backed by lifetime warranty and built to last. Since 1926, Kemper has helped create rooms that are as beautiful as they are functional with their warm woods, classic details, and modern conveniences. No matter what your preferences are regarding finishes, door styles, materials, or storage, the Kemper Echo cabinets have something for everyone. Featured below is a glance at Hamilton's standard cabinetry door styles and key advantages of utilizing this cabinetry line in your space.

  • Made In America

  • Environmental Stewardship Program Participant

  • Certified Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Member


Click below Browse our selections for cabinetry:

Kemper Download

3D Kitchen Tour

Click the photo to get a 3D rendering of our kitchen!

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3D Kitchen
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